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Deadline to register & pay

Friday, April 28, 2017 @ 11:59pm.

Unpaid teams as of Friday, April 28, 2017 @ 11:59pm will not be accepted into the tournament.

Tournament Schedule Outline

SATURDAY, MAY 13, 2017

7:15 AM          Doors Open                                                                                                        All Facilities

8:00 AM          Pool Play – AM Wave 1                    14s & 18s Division               All Facilities

11:00 AM        Pool Play – AM Wave 2                    12s & 16s Division               All Facilities

1:00 PM            Pool Play – PM Wave 1                    14s Division (9 teams)       G3 Sports

2:00 PM            Pool Play – PM Wave 1                    14s & 18s Division               All Except G3

5:00 PM             Pool Play – PM Wave 2                    12s & 16s Division              All Except Gill

*7:00 PM          Collegiate Showcase OSU women vs. UO women (free)   Gill Coliseum

SUNDAY, MAY 14, 2017

7:15 AM           Doors Open                                                                                                         All Facilities

8:00 AM           Bracket Play – AM Wave                  14s & 18s Division               All Facilities

12:00 PM         Bracket Play – PM Wave                  12s & 16s Division               All Facilities

Admission Prices



~ Cash or checks  payable to WVC.

~ Valid for Saturday & Sunday admission to all facilities with unlimited re-entry.

~ Admissions wristbands sold on Sunday are reduced to $5.

~ No single day admission wristbands will be sold Saturday.

~ Players and coaches enter for free.

~ Children under 2 years of age enter for free.

~ Wristbands will NOT be replaced for any reason. 

~ Wristbands must be worn, not hand held upon entry.

  • Friday, May 12th:   Admission to Queen of the Court is FREE!  Save time: Purchase your $10.00 weekend wristband for Saturday and Sunday after 5:00pm on Friday in Truax to skip lines all weekend!  No single day wristbands will be pre-sold on Friday.
  • Saturday, May 13th:   Admission wristbands for Saturday and Sunday will be sold for $10.00 at the entry of every facility.  No single day wristbands will be sold on Saturday.
  • Sunday, May 14th:   Admission wristbands for Sunday will be sold for $5.00 at the entry of every facility.


About the WVC


The Willamette Volleyball Classic was the first major club volleyball tournament in the Mid-Valley area and remains one of the biggest tournaments in the State of Oregon.  Entering its 11th year in 2017, the tournament looks to continue its impressive growth, all while making a renewed effort to partner with the local community to give back in any way possible.

The Willamette Classic began in 2007 with just 134 teams, and has seen had as many as 216 teams.  The tournament founders felt this tournament was a great way to accomplish a couple major goals.  First and foremost, the tournament is a method for growing the sport of volleyball in the Pacific Northwest.  The sport's ever-increasing popularity at the youth and high school levels make the tournament a very popular attraction for numerous teams and clubs.  Second, the event is an opportunity for people to see Corvallis and Oregon State University when they might otherwise not be able to.  We live in a fantastic community and operate on a gem of a campus.  There's nowhere better than Corvallis and OSU in the Spring.

This isn't meant to be a tournament that is some sort of impersonal qualifier with volleyball courts stretched out in one building for as far as the eye can see.  This tournament is about fun.  Our goal is to mix in a fun and unique environment with a highly-competitive tournament, which is what we've been able to do very successfully.

The WVC annually partners with local charities to give back.  The tournament has developed a partnership with Project HER, which is a breast-cancer awareness and advocacy group based out of the Corvallis Clinic.  The tournament also partners with the Oregon State University Club Volleyball teams for fundraising opportunities, to ensure those programs stay strong and competitive.  Those programs give numerous students each year the opportunity to participate in the sport that we all love.

We look forward to welcoming everybody back to campus on May 13-14, 2017, for a fantastic 11th edition of the Willamette Volleyball Classic.

Meet Our Staff

Tournament Directors:

John Downey, Samantha Fenner

Operations Director:

Jessica Quinn


Brendan Brucker, Alyssa Whitney, Becca Harris, Luke McEldowney


Louise Barnard, Debi Brinson


Brittany Fobi


Paula Martin, Marcia Costley


Lindsay McCabe, Matt Hopman


Laura DeBruler


Dale Zielke




Courtney Towery, Lee Trapp, Manny Landa, LeAnna Trosen, Nestor Iparraguirre


Kyle England, Ashley Robinson, Becky Defoe, Alyssa Finn, Vanessa Turner, Kory Pratt, Sharon Biddle, Alyssa Robeck, Bradi Voigt, Dianne Finn, Liz Dooley


Webfoot Volleyball Club, Oregon State University Air Force ROTC, Army ROTC, Navy ROTC; Oregon State University Men's Rugby Club; Oregon State University Men's Volleyball Club; Oregon State University Women's Volleyball Club




QOC Registration


Contact Willamette Volleyball Classic, LLC

PO Box 65, Corvallis, OR 97339

Phone: 541-737-7490