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Enjoy your time in the Willamette Valley!

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The USAV Spectator Code of Conduct will be abided by.

We ask the coaches support in enforcing the following rules. It is extremely important that you inform your players, coaches and parents of these rules.

  1. No coolers inside ANY tournament facility.
  2. Outside chairs (WITH PADDING) allowed only in Truax, Langton, and McAlexander turf area.
  3. NO OUTSIDE CHAIRS allowed in Gill, Dixon, McAlexander (on court area), Tennis.
  4. Food allowed in Truax FanFest, Gill, Dixon lobby, and G3 lobby area.
  5. NO FOOD ALLOWED in Tennis, Langton (upstairs), or McAlexander.
  6. NO DRINKS EXCEPT WATER allowed around ANY courts.
  7. Certain facilities will have specified areas for food and drinks.  Please use them.
  8. No smoking in or around ANY tournament facility. Oregon State is a smoke-free campus.
  9. Participants may NEVER block or impede an emergency exit (or regular exit) in ANY FACILITY.  This is a fire code violation.
  10. Participants may NEVER park in a disabled parking space (without proper permit), in a yellow zone, or red zone, or otherwise illegally or in a way that blocks or impedes the flow of traffic.  Violations are subject to ticketing and towing at owner's expense without prior warning or notice.

Tournament staff are instructed to proactively intervene should they see any of the above rules being broken.  Participants who choose to not abide by these policies will be subject to penalties against themselves and/or against their teams.  We encourage coaches to actively inform their players and fans of these rules.

The WVC is going paperless in 2015 and will be run on AES. There will be NO posted pool sheets.  Everything will be online through the AES website.  A link will be posted here as the tournament gets closer.

Download the AES Xpress app for your phone or tablet to ensure you keep up on the latest results during the tournament:

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