Queen of the Court


Schedule & Court Assignments will be linked here..


5:15 PM - Doors open @ Truax


6-on-6 regular, rally score volleyball with free substitution.  Matches are seven-eight minutes long, with two minutes in between to move between courts.  First serve determined with a coin flip.


Matches in the QOC do not impact the tournament in any way.  Results from the QOC do not impact seeding, start times, or positioning within an age division.  After each match, the winning team will move up a court, and the losing team will move down a court.  The object is to move to the highest court possible.  Each team win will count for one team point, and each win on the highest court will count for three team points.

Teams' seeds in the tournament will determine their starting position for the QOC.  The highest seeded teams will start on the lowest courts.

The point of the QOC is to serve as a warm-up of sorts for the tournament.  However, this is a casual event.  Teams are encouraged to try different lineups, different players in different positions, and in general, have fun with it.


In the spirit of that "fun" atmosphere, the QOC also takes on a costume contest.  Teams are encouraged (but certainly not required) to dress in costume for the event.  Why?  It's fun, that's why.  The best-dressed team in each division wins a prize from our sponsors.  And don't be surprised to see some of the officials and staff members get in on it too...